Save Code Snippets to the Cloud

WordPress code snippets cloud storage

WPCodeBox features the ability to save your code snippets to the cloud. This allows you to share code snippets across all your WordPress installs.

Our users reported that this feature saves them hours when working with WordPress code snippets on as little as 2 sites.

Accessing your cloud account

WPCodeBox can access the cloud account using an API Key. When you download WPCodeBox, your API Key will be included in the plugin, so you don't have to do anything.

You can regenerate the API Key in your account. When doing this, you will have to change the API Key in settings everywhere where you installed WPCodeBox.

Uploading code snippets to the cloud

To upload code snippets to the cloud, you can click the "Upload to cloud" button. That button is available once you save the snippet. If you want to make changes to a cloud snippet, you just modify it locally, and then click "Upload to cloud again". Snippets that are saved to the cloud will have a cloud icon next to them in the snippet list.

Downloading code snippets from the cloud

You will see the cloud snippets listed on the bottom left-hand side in the snippet list. To download a snippet from the cloud, just hover over the snippet you want to download, and the "Download from cloud" icon will appear next to the snippet. Once you download the snippet from the cloud, you just need to enable it. Snippets that are downloaded from the cloud are disabled by default.