My snippet doesn't run

Troubleshooting a snippet that doesn't run

The first thing to check if a snippet doesn't run is to make sure that the snippet is enabled. You can do this by selecting the snippet and checking the "Enabled" toggle in the upper left corner of the editor.

You also need to check if you have the correct snippet type selected. Read more about the supported snippet types and when to use them.

A PHP Snippet doesn't run

The conditions you use can't be evaluated for the selected hook

When using conditions, not all conditions can be evaluated in all hooks. For example, the plugins_loaded hook is triggered before the current post type is known.

For frontend pages, the current post type is only known after the wp hook is triggered. So if you use a condition that checks the current post type on the plugins_loaded hook, it will always return false.


If you use conditions in a PHP Snippet, the wp hook is the best hook to use.

You add an action in your code using the add_action function, but that action already fired

If you use the add_action function in your code, make sure that the action you add hasn't already fired. If it has, your code won't run. For example, if you add this code snippet:

add_action('plugins_loaded', function() {
    echo 'Hello world';

And select the plugins_loaded hook in the WPCodeBox UI, the snippet won't run. Because our code executes when plugins_loaded is triggered, so we add the hook for plugins_loaded too late.

A solution here would be to use an earlier hook, like 'Root'.


If adding an action using the add_action function, make sure you select an earlier hook in the WPCodeBox UI. root and plugins_loaded should be the safest.

Wrong hook selected

If a PHP Snippet doesn't run, it's most likely because you have the wrong hook selected for the snippet.

If the hook isn't triggered you snippet won't run. For example, the woocommerce_before_add_to_cart_button hook is only triggered on the single product page. If you add a snippet with this hook to the cart page, it won't run.

A CSS/SCSS/JS/HTML Snippet doesn't run

Confusion between JS and HTML snippets

The most common reason why a JS snippet doesn't run, is because there is confusion between JS and HTML snippets. If your code looks like this (notice the <script> </script>tags:

    console.log('Hello world');

Then you need to select the HTML snippet type, not the JS snippet type. Because this code is JS code embedded in HTML.

If you select the JS snippet, your code should look like this:

console.log('Hello world');

Conditions aren't met

Another reason that might cause a snippet to not run, is that conditions aren't met. Double-check you have the correct snippet type selected according to your code, and make sure the conditions are met on the page where you want the snippet to run.