SCSS Partials

Using SCSS Partials in WPCodeBox

WPCodeBox supports the use of SCSS partials, which can help you to better organize your CSS code and make it more reusable.

Creating a SCSS Partial

To create a SCSS partial in WPCodeBox, you can simply create a new SCSS snippet with a filename that starts with an underscore (_), followed by the name of your partial. For example, if you wanted to create a partial for your typography styles, you might name your file "_typography.scss".

When you save your new SCSS snippet, WPCodeBox will automatically rename the file to "_partial_name.scss" to conform to SCSS naming conventions.

Importing SCSS Partials

To use a SCSS partial in another snippet, you can use the @use directive followed by the filename of the partial in single quotes. For example, to import the "_typography" partial, you would write:

@use '_typography';

Important: Note that you must use single quotes around the filename.

Autocomplete for SCSS Partials

To help you easily import SCSS partials in your snippets, WPCodeBox provides an autocomplete feature. When you type @use in a new snippet, you can press ctrl + space to open the autocomplete menu, which will display a list of available partials.


Currently, there are some limitations to using SCSS partials in WPCodeBox. You cannot use nested partials, and you cannot @use a partial that @uses another partial. However, WPCodeBox is constantly improving and updating, so these limitations may be resolved in future updates.