The Functionality Plugin (Experimental)

WPCodeBox Functionality Plugin


Note: This is an experimental feature. Please use with care.

WPCodeBox's functionality plugin feature allows users to save their code snippets to a plugin that is different from the main WPCodeBox plugin. This can be useful for performance improvements and when handing off a site to a client, as it allows the user to disable WPCodeBox and keep the functionality of the snippets.

To use this feature, navigate to the WPCodeBox settings page and find the "Functionality Plugin" option. Here, you can enable the Functionality Plugin option.

Once you enabled the functionality plugin, you will see a "WPCodeBox Functionality Plugin" in your plugins list. That's where your code snippets will run from. Disabling WPCodeBox won't disable your snippets.

To disable WPCodeBox and keep the functionality of the snippets, simply deactivate the WPCodeBox plugin. The functionality plugin will still contain all the saved snippets and they will continue to work as expected.